At lot of DIYers come to me looking for help with their brand identity (my fav!). When there is a repetitive problem there must be a method to solve it. This one has worked for me & my clients for years!

As per my last post - it’s physically impossible for me to design everyone’s businesses annnd would be less fun. Here are FIVE TIPS you can implement by yourself. The key is to have a D I R E C T I O N and stick to it. Until someday you hand in the towel and hire a designer to do it for you and prepare a cohesive brand identity package. Nonetheless any designer will ask you to do this backend work and get ready for your re-brand / new brand / awesome look. *Ps. all this can be done for freee !

Brands can become a hot mess real quick - a miss mash on socials, a website with photography all over the place and type families for days. Stick to these tips and you’ll look flawless in no time!

Here we’ll be focusing on the visual aspects of a brand identity. This is part of the process I uses with one on one clients.


Ask yourself some key questions.

For every project I work on I ask my clients to fill this brand identity questionnaire. I know, it’s super long - but it’s the most important tool for a designer to have. We’re both investing a lot of time + energy + money so why shoot in the dark? Have a strategy in place. Ask yourself those questions - who are you talking to? where do they shop? where you see your business in 5-10 years? etc. This is the backend foundation to any successful business. It’s okay if this shifts with time and experience (and it will!). It’s all part of growing as an entrepreneurial human.

Pic @  Rob Lloyd  Print @  Loudmouth  printshop

Pic @ Rob Lloyd Print @ Loudmouth printshop


Choose up to six colours.

I use Pinterest alot or even Unsplash and Instagram to find an image with the colour tones I’m looking for. You can upload a picture on Coolors and it’ll give you a direction to work with. Next I pull out my Pantone colour swatches to pick the perfect palette for each brand. To be honest this takes a really long time but so worth it.

Part one of the V I S U A L S T R E A M L I N I N G process.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 15.56.42.png


Choose fonts.

If you’re looking at redoing a logo or website, again - look on the internet - check out old books and go through magazines for neat font pairings. Even spending an afternoon at the art museum helps stir up ideas for designs.

Here is what you’ll be working with:



Primary font

Secondary + submark font





Paragraph style

Navigation style

Pic @  Rob Lloyd

Pic @ Rob Lloyd

Pic @  Rob Lloyd

Pic @ Rob Lloyd



Find your aesthetic.

Try to nail down a look that you’re after - something influenced by the 50s with texture is quite different than a modern minimalistic design. This is just for you to figure out what your ideal client is looking for and what type of visual you want your company to have. Try to stay clear of personal preferences. More so find the general vibe for your brand as its own entity. Then look for a designer that has that style.

Pic @  Rob Lloyd

Pic @ Rob Lloyd


Prepare your mood.

You’ve got all the tools ready to begin the creative process. Place your elements together to see if they are COHESIVE and work in sink towards to visual identity you’re going for. At this point in the process I start drawing and designing. Go for it - explore your creativity.

Contact me if you need a helping hand past this step!

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