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A brand identity is defined by signature characteristics that make it uniquely it.

Let’s figure out who you are, your values and what your company represents.

YOU - In order to better create a new visual identity for your brand. We need to discuss your company first.
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Please describe your story!
What are your honest expectations for what you can do in your industry.
How you can carve your territory.
THEM - Next who are your clients and competitors?
Who can you add benefit to?
Explain their culture and values, and how you and your services fit into that.
This gives us an idea of their disposable income and spending priorities.
Where your target audience could be spending their money on.
How are you going to reach potential customers? *
For us to develop this new visual identity, please add pictures that inspire you to our shared Dropbox file sent via email.
Let yourself go wild! Let's create things. The more details I get the more logo you get yea!
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Design is emotional.
US - how is this new brand identity going to affect your business
What is the purpose you hope to achieve as a main goal together?
How to do you expect this project to affect or generate growth/sales?
What is the timeframe you are looking to get this new brand identity achieved by? *
What is the timeframe you are looking to get this new brand identity achieved by?